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  • Flatbed Truck Services

  • Flatbed Truck Services

    If your freight requires side loading then a flatbed trucking service may be what you require. Maybe the destination lacks a dock for unloading the goods, or perhaps the cargo is too wide or heavy for a liftgate, in which case a flatbed truck would suit the requirements for your loads.

    It may also be that there are cranes available which you can use if you decide on a flatbed trucking service for your freight.

    Often long freight items such as steel and raw material or construction supplies will usually travel by flatbed truck services as well.

    At Expediting Services Trucking we provide a full range of truck load services to allow you to find the right option for your shipping.

    We have 28ft flatbed truck services which can handle full truck loads or you can choose less than a truckload services. Our flatbed trucking service can send shipments anywhere in the United States.

    Our drivers are experienced and our flatbed trucks are well maintained and we aim to provide the best trucking service you can find.

    Just let us know what your truck loads are with details about size and weight on the quotation form or if you need any assistance just contact us or give us a call, we have friendly staff ready to help you.