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  • How To Find The Best Flatbed Trucking Service

  • When you import something too heavy and wide that cannot be transported by the normal size vehicles, you will have to hire a flatbed trucking service. These goods might include a truck, metallic raw materials, and large tanks among others. Flatbed trucking companies make it easier for you to get your oversized load to your destination safely at a pocket-friendly price.

    However, you have to be very careful when choosing the company that offers flatbed trucking services. You should ensure that the trucking company has a valid license to operate in that line of work. In some circumstances the flatbed trucking company may also need approval from the traffic department if it is a very large load being transported since it will cause a lot of obstruction on the road. Regardless of the size or make up of the load you want shipped just check with the flatbed company that they have the capability and will have all the correct authorisations and relevant licenses in place.


  • What To Look For ?

    Also, you should make sure their trucking service offers timely delivery of goods. They should not make unnecessary stops on the way that would delay the time of delivery. They should also have insurance coverage for the flatbed service they are offering. You should know all the details of what is covered and who pays for the damages just in case there is an accident. If you need to clarify anything do not hesitate to contact the customer support department; you can consult the federal department of transportation who will give you the right details about the company. The route the truck will follow is vital too as some of them are not safe thus your cargo might be at a greater risk.

    The next thing that you should consider is the amount they charge for the transportation. There are some flatbed trucking companies that will charge loading and offloading charges too thus you should choose the one that has the best rates. You need to inspect the schedule that your service provider intends to use.

    They will have good customer service that will help you with any queries you may have due to the large demand for their service.


  • What do we offer ?

    At Expediting Services we provide a wide range of truck load services to help you find the right option for your shipping.

    We have 28ft flatbed truck services which can handle a full truck load of up to 10,000 lbs or you can choose less than a truckload services. We can send your shipment anywhere in the United States. You simply need to complete the quotation form or contact us to discuss what you need.


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