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    Your business needs to ship loads from point A to point B. If you are a big company, you have your own drivers, trucks and trailers to take care of that. If you need to hire a trucking company to move a load for you, you may want to find one that will give you options. Truck loads shipping can be done with a full truckload and less than truckload. Some companies will only give you a full truckload freight services. Truck loads that are considered full are usually contracted with a single customer getting merchandise to one destination. Freight is not handled en-route by the drivers. You pack it once, secure it, and it is set until it gets where it is going. Full loads are cost effective and efficient. One driver with one vehicle goes to a single location. Note also that the customer can opt for a truck load meaning they have sole use of the truck, but they do not need to fill the truck. Basically they are paying for truck use.

    Less Than Truck Load Shipping is used for smaller freight, parcels, and half truck loads. Items are put on pallets and then shrink wrapped, or they are  in sturdy packing containers. Labels or bar codes are placed on the boxes to avoid confusion when loading and unloading. Transit times are longer because a truck with less than a full load make stops along the route. They may just unload boxes or they may unload and pick up packages. This is not as expensive than hiring a full truck for your load since the cost of the driver, truck, and fuel is split between different businesses. Parcel carriers are different in that they carry many smaller packages that are not placed on pallets or in special packaging containers. Parcel carriers make many more stops to both businesses and residences.

    At Expediting Services we provide truckload services and can collect and deliver any loads up to 10,000 lbs. This can be on a variety of truck types, flatbed trucks, box trucks and cargo vans or a car hauler if it is a vehicle you are having delivered.
    Complete the quotation form or call us to discuss your requirements and we will try to find the best options for you.