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  • What Is A Full Truck Load


    When transporting goods on a commercial basis, many companies wonder if they have enough to fill the entire space allotted by a trucking company on one of their vehicles. Depending upon whether they have enough goods for a full truck or less than a  load for shipping purposes, can seriously alter the amount of money spent on transporting their product to its intended marketplace.


  • Full Truck Load is often abbreviated with the initials "FTL." For instances when services are required for "less than truck load" the letters "LTL" are used to describe freight transport options. An FTL indicates that the truck will have full loads, allocating its full space for only one customer. This is usually the case for manufacturing companies that ship their products in bulk orders to customers with large scale retail businesses.

    Conversely when shippers have a small amount to transport, sending goods on an LTL basis is the way to proceed. An LTL service can average anywhere from one hundred pounds, all the way up to 10,000 pounds per shipment. Any amount more than 10,000 pounds usually indicates that there is enough to fill an entire vehicle or work with full loads services instead.

    For small truck loads the costs can vary. LTL shipments typically work based on the space that will be needed per trucking vehicle. With this in mind, businesses may need a quarter of a truck or one half of a truck for their load to be transported. Of course, space allocations will also vary depending upon the size of the vehicle that is being used. A full load can be as low as 10,000 lbs depending on the vehicle size.

    Transportation companies will then fill the remaining areas of their truck with smaller sized shipments from other customers. These companies also have no use for a FTL and their shipments can be loaded along with that of other customers. Because several LTL can share one vehicle, the arrangement becomes affordable for several parties at once who can each contribute to the loads and profitable for the transport operator.

    One thing to remember for businesses who require LTL shipping, is that the estimated time of arrival for their loads may take considerably longer than with an FTL shipment. This is why it is always advantageous to get a quote prior to one's shipping date. These estimates can be made online or over the phone with the shipping company.

    LTL trucks must make more stops than with a full load and often need to take a more indirect route to deliver their shipments. Meanwhile FTL Trucks carrying full loads have the goods of only one client making up a full load and can therefore travel directly to one location saving time and necessary fuel.


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